If you use our online customer service to apply for benefits and send supporting documents, your application will be processed quicker and you will receive payments sooner.

Some of the information on the application will be pre-completed for your convenience and the service will take you through the process of filling out the application.

Please note that our online customer service is only available in Finnish and Swedish.


To log in to Kela's online customer service, use your online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

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In our e-service, you can

  • apply for benefits
  • send documents (scanned or photographed) that are required for your application
  • report changes in your circumstances and stop the payment of benefits
  • make changes to your bank account information
  • check if your application has been decided, how much you will be paid, and what the payment dates are
  • send messages concerning benefit matters.

On the front page, you can

  • view past and future payments
  • check the status of your applications
  • see messages reminding you to send in a document that's missing from your application

Use a compatible browser

Our online customer service works best in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. If you wish to use another browser (such as Chrome), please make sure that the autofill function is turned off. 

eIDAS identification for EU citizens

The common European eIDAS identification is an identification method for EU citizens. In the future it will be possible to log in to Kela’s e-service with your own country’s identification tools. The identification works if both countries use similar electronic authentication. 

Starting with a form

Currently it is not yet possible to log in to Kela’s e-service using eIDAS identification. However, EU citizens can send messages to Kela using a form.

Do as follows

  • Click the link to the e-service on Kela’s website and go to the Suomi.fi online service for identification.
  • Select Other European identification, i.e. eIDAS identification.
  • Write a message to Kela on the form that opens in the Suomi.fi online service.

Currently the identification tools of Estonia, Germany and Italy have been taken into use in the Suomi.fi online service. Before an identification tool is approved as part of eIDAS identification, the security and reliability of the tool must be verified. As new identification tools are assessed and approved, eIDAS identification will become possible in more and more situations.

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